Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Next projects!

This post is a bit of housecleaning for me with lots of bits.  First, I  wanted to let you in on what I have been working on. Today, I spent some time making a copy of a very brittle 1940's pattern. Sometimes, I use a pattern as is, but this time I was very concerned about destroying the original, so I made a copy. It's a mail order, unmarked pattern.  By making a copy I can translate the markings directly onto the new copy. It's not unmarked anymore. Another good reason to trace unmarked patterns!

Also, I wanted to say a big thanks to Colette Patterns and Tilly and the Buttons, for the give-a-way prize of this fabulous skirt pattern!  I adore the skirts Tilly has made, and hope that I may make one that looks as nice as hers. Also, another big thanks to Nan from Retired in Alaska. She recently hosted a give-a-way that I won. She was most generous with the beautiful fabrics she sent to me along with a sweet handmade bookmark that I have been using already.

I also made another skirt in a lovely blue color! It's another great fabric from the thrift store. It's bright and happy! I would have modeled it for you, but I need to make a blouse to go with it! I think I want to sew up this skirt in a red material too!

Finally, I wanted to say one more thing about my sewing area. There were a lot of great comments from the last post. I know my area is clean, but it does get messy. Please, do not put a burden on yourself or feel bad if you operate in what appears to be a messy sewing room. I find there are many types of artist and crafters out there. Some, to me, look like they are working in total chaos, but for them, they are finding everything they need. There is a flow to their craft that is wonderful and amazing. For me, working in a messy, unorganized space is very distracting, frustrating and hard on me visually. It zaps my creativity in ways I can't explain or identify. Mostly, I am posting this because I think people have a tendency to compare apples to oranges in regards to how they function with their personal creativity . If you are an orange, be an orange, don't add a burden to get your act together because really your act is together. You are operating in the way your brain works! Embrace it! Now, if you are an apple and need to clean it up a little, then make a date with your sewing area and get it clean so you can go forth and conquer that sewing project buried on your desk.  Whatever your situation, having a place to be creative is the most important thing. You will know when it's time to clean the clutter out or add some pretty things to your space to inspire you. Sewing for me, is an outlet that has kept my spirits up, given me a soft place to land when stress has been crouching at my door. So above all I want it to be relaxing and my wish for you is the same.

Best regards to all you sewers, crafters, apples and oranges out there, you know who you are!

Have a wonderful vintage day!



  1. That is such a cute skirt! I love the color! :]

  2. Your skirt came out lovely. The color and topstitching are wonderful.

  3. Ooo l am very jealous of your lovely pattern! Iove to sew bit l hardly ever get the time :( l am hoping to make some time this weekend. Love the skirt too!

  4. Beautiful skirt Gina, and you're right about sewing rooms... everyone's sewing space is (and should) be unique :-) Sam xox

  5. Love the skirt and can't wait to see your new creations. My sewing space goes from organised chaos, to impeccably tidy, and everything inbetween! Totally reflects my mood at the time! Fine by me!

  6. I absolutely love that skirt! The shaped pockets and the buttons are lovely! (I am definitely an orange, my boyfriends an apple, this causes problems heehee)

  7. What a great post and yeas it's hard to keep my sewing area tidy sometimes with four kids in the house! I absolutely love that housedress Pattern. I can't wait to see it sewn up. I've always imagined myself hanging clothes out on a line in one of those!

  8. I'm with you I can't sew if things are all messed up. Especially the house itself must be all in order I've always been like that. I'm well into making my second little dress jacket/top.

  9. Oh my--that mail order pattern is darling! I just love those and treasure the few I have in my stash. ;)

    Your skirt is so cheerful (I'm such a sucker for blue!) and I adore the pockets. What a great feature! I've really been a bit gaga for pockets lately and have been pouring through my vintage magazines for ideas... Now just to get sewing!

    ♥ Casey

  10. Gina,

    I'm neither an apple or an orange because currently I don't sew. I'm a "wanna-be-poetress." However, I liked your "little lesson" about being who you are, and not trying to compare yourself to others. It's something that I am working at each day of my life.

    At any rate, I love your new blue skirt. Is that the same pattern as the denim one that you made last time, which you wore with the green top?

    Also, it looks like you are quite busy on your new project. I can't wait to see the finished project (or anything in-between that you want to share)! :)


  11. How sweet of you to think of others with your little apples and oranges explanation! It looks like you have some great projects coming up.

  12. hi,
    I like so much your blog and your creations: beautiful blue dress!!! ... and yours patterns! I can't wait to see finish dress..
    I read your blog for quite some time but I never dared to write something.
    I started sewing … with vintage patterns of course!! ;) but I have a small problem: I don’t know how shorten a sewing pattern fits.. Do You know do that? or where can I find an explication?
    thank you so much

  13. Hi Anonymous, I am glad you wrote something. Your question is a good one. I do shorten and lengthen bodices often. When a pattern is unmarked you want to shorten below the armhole but above the cutting line or seam line. On the vintage bodices I go about two or three inches up and then add to the pattern the amount I need. If you need to shorten a skirt, the best way I have found is to go under the hipline and take some off and then go back a draft the lines again so they meet up. You can take some off the bottom seam line but if it's a full skirt you will be cutting some of the fullness out. Check out these sites for more http://blog.caseybrowndesigns.com/2011/01/swing-dress-sew-along-adjusting-for-length/information. http://www.burdastyle.com/blog/sewing-vintage-three-essential-alterations-for-vintage-patterns http://sewaholic.net/?s=shorten+a+pattern&submit=Search Good luck! These tutorials should help you. I hope you make something soon. Thanks for your comment!