Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spring Challenge Outfit 2

My Spring Challenge, which I wrote about here, has been awesome. I am happy to tell you that I have been wearing handmade clothing most everyday and really enjoyed Me-Made May 2012 very much! Here are two more garments to add to the mix for my spring challenge, as promised.  First up, this 40's blouse.  I fell hard for this printed fabric and knew it was going to make a nice blouse for summer. Floral fabrics have always been a favorite of mine. I also made the electric blue Ginger skirt to go with this blouse. Both pieces make a great pair for mixing and matching other garments. I found this little bracelet at an Antique Mall near our home to complete the look.  It's been fun accessorizing my outfits with vintage bracelets. Although the jury is still out on shoes. I am seriously thinking about Remix, is it a sin to spend 160 dollars on one pair of shoes? If it is... I am thinking about sinning.

Pattern: Ginger by Colette and Simplicity 4237 Yoke Back Blouse

Alterations: Yes, on the blouse I had to take out the fullness on the back yoke. It was too puffy, mostly due to the gathered fabric on the yoke, after reducing some of the fabric it hangs nicely.

Fabric: 100% cotton for the blouse and gaberdine for the skirt. The buttons on this blouse are from my blog header, I finally used them!

Make again: Yes, of course!

I really want to make some dresses soon! I hope you aren't too tried of my seeing separates, but I am glad to have so many mix and match pieces. It sure helped me feel confident about participating in Me-Made May 2012,  it's been much easier getting dressed this spring, as I am breaking the threshold of more home sewn garments than not, in my wardrobe!

On a side note, I have been canning chicken and strawberries. Also I am doing a major clean up in our home, going through every room and pitching anything that I haven't used for a while. So, post are a bit scarce right now as I get my house in order. Sometimes I just need to good life revamp. I hope to visit you all on your blogs soon.

Have a wonderful Vintage Day!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Swap with Casey!

01.30.12 | two-seam top
I was taken by surprise when Casey from Elegant Musings sweetly emailed me to say she had a few extra patterns she wanted to give out and thought of me. Well, it was funny because I had a few in my stash that needed a good home too, so a swap was born! Soon we decided to not only swap patterns, but also thought it would be fun to post whatever we made from the swap. I guess I was feeling a bit brave as I asked Casey to choose any pattern she wanted and I would sew it up. Within days, three lovely patterns arrived.

 I was giddy when I saw the two seam blouse and remembered she had made it a while back. What a great surprise. I loved her pink rendition with the raspberry skirt shown above. Simplicity 3545 is catching my eye too, as I am thinking it will make a great two piece suit. The third is a Jiffy dress, one that I did choose from the pile of patterns she had, the style would be so easy to wear.  I could use a dress like that for sure. Over the month of June, I will be sewing something from Casey's lovely stash and she will be sewing from mine. Now decision time, which will it be? Thank you Casey for the use of these beautiful patterns! Time to get sewing.  

Have a wonderful vintage day!