Monday, April 30, 2012

Country Girl Jean Skirt

Yee-haw! This skirt needs a rodeo outing! I really like it. I have been wanting to make a yoke front skirt and finally got this pattern off Esty. The jean material was in my stash. I used my twin needle for the first time on a project. It was so easy and made some nice straight stitching for the yoke and the hem. I just had the boots and cowboy hat becasue we do live on a farm, but for real life, I have a ton of great blouses that will work with this super cute skirt.

Pattern: McCall's 5248, it think this is a 70's pattern

Make again: Yes, I think it might make a nice alternate style for tuck-in blouses.

Fabric:  Denim! Yes, I am wearing jean material. I will say this, I forgot what color of yellow thread jeans have on them, I had to check my son's pair because I don't really have or wear jeans.

Alterations: Yes, the waist needed to be taken in a lot and I did take out some fullness in the gathers.

Anybody wear country inspired clothing? See y'all soon!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Shorts Muslin

This week temptation got the better of me as I made kwik Sew's Short pattern. Amy from Sewing Through the Motions got me thinking, as I felt challenged after reading her posts about shorts. It was time to take a new look at making and wearing them again. Thanks Amy! I am glad to hear I am not the only gal out there that struggles with wearing shorts. Honestly, I need shorts in my wardrobe, as we have two active boys and we find ourselves at King's Island Amusement Park often in the summer. Some of the rides aren't skirt/dress friendly. And then there is fossil hunting, boating, camping, and fishing all summer long. Yes, I wear skirts doing these activities, but sometimes a pair of shorts are handy. This style has a button closer which I love, no zippers to sew! Here is a picture of my muslin. I really like how they are fitting, they just need to be a little longer for some more coverage. Even though this is a newer pattern, it seems to have a vintage flair. This project was pretty easy, a beginner could do it. The fit is relaxed and comfortable. I did need to take the waist in a bit, but that was about it.

Pattern: Kwik Sew 3854

Make again: Yes! I want to make them up in many different colors!

Alterations: Adding about 6 inches to the pattern's length and adjusted waist to fit snugger.

Materials:  100% cotton for the muslin. I'll be trying them in linen next.

I think shorts can work if they are the right length and for me, also if they aren't too tight around my legs. I am also toying with the idea of a play suit by adding the bodice from this pattern.
This 70's pattern is so faded I hope you can see the details, I was thinking about making the blouse last summer, but time ran out. This maybe one of those garments I wear just around our house during those 90 degree days!
It would cover my upper arms, but gives some sun around the middle. Although I would lengthen the top some.  How do you feel about shorts? Can you wear them or are you shy about them?

Have a wonderful vintage day!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Drag lines can be a drag.

I kept joking with my hubby this after making this blouse that "drag lines are a drag", hence the title. This is a flop sewing project for me. It was partly self drafted, which could be the problem. Everyone has their bad days. The drag lines aren't horrible, but after sewing for awhile, it's easy to spot mistakes and they can bother you.
I am trying to look seriously mad here at my project. There were a few moments at the machine where I wanted to throw something, but in the end, had to smile at myself. 
 This is the amazing part of the story, I still love this blouse. Been wearing it every week since starting my self challenge, yep still hanging in there, wearing my handmade clothing everyday.  It's been good to wear the things I have made even if they are wonderful, okay or imperfect. It's all good. I wore this blouse yesterday and got a ton of comments, while maybe 5 to be exact, three from perfect strangers. My big solution for the drag lines, a little pink cardigan! 

I think now I can spot my mistake. Can you see it? It's the shoulder line, where is it? It's too far back. I found this video on YouTube by Gertie. It has me thinking a lot about shoulder seam lines. I may try this blouse again. I love the pink, been in a pink mood lately.

Have a wonderful vintage day! Be back soon with a another sewing project, hopefully no drag lines!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Surprise Vacation, Me-Made May 2012

Last Friday my husband called at 3:00 in the afternoon saying "Darling, would you like to go to Florida for vacation? Can you be packed in a couple of hours?" "Sure sweets, no problem," I replied as I hung up the phone and panicked. Thank God I have a handy travel list ready to be printed up for such emergencies. After an 18 hour drive with two active boys we made it to Florida and have been enjoying a much needed spring vacation.  So far, we have made it to Legoland, went on an airboat ride to see the alegrators and I took a trip to The Sewing Studio to buy fabric. It was a great week in the sun. We are back now and I am doing my best to catch up on things.

I have to be honest because of this unexpected trip I feel a bit derailed from my challenge to wear and sew all my spring clothing. I have been wearing something I've made everyday, but I have been away from my sewing machine too long. Since coming home, I am more excited now about making and wearing my handmade clothing. I haven't been able to get many photos for this self challenge yet, but was able to get a photo one day as the boys and I went antique shopping. I made both the skirt and blouse last year and finished the outfit off with a thrifted sweater.
I recently got a haircut, I asked for a vintage long middy cut, I don't think she understood because it looks pretty much like a modern hair do. 
Last but not least,  I signed up for Zoe's Me-Made May 2012. I love the idea of joining others in this adventure. Last year I joined in and thought I would sew as I go, but found it hard because I didn't have much clothing to wear and couldn't keep up with laundry. I am better prepared this year and am embracing the challenge fully. Hooray! 'I, Regina from Vintagegirl, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. I endeavor to wear at least one handmade/refashioned garments each day for the duration of May 2012'. Okay that's done!

I hope to be back with a new outfit soon! Happy Spring!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cherry brooch

Anybody else love vintage, cherry Brooches? I searched for more information on where the idea came from, if anyone has any information, please share. I just know they were a staple back in the 40's. Kinda like the fads we have today. I have been in love with cherry pins/brooches since forever, but after seeing Casey's brooch she made for her give away, I knew I wanted one.  After looking on E bay for awhile at some very beautiful ones for around $200.00 dollars, I found this little, pretty gold one for less than ten, it's not from the 40's, but I felt it had the spirit of that time. I bought it with the idea that I would change it by adding some color. I liked the gold, but it was rubbing off and I wanted red cherries ( such a traditionalist about color). This project was easy and didn't require a lot, but I got the desired outcome for a lot less. I started by cleaning my pin really well with soap and water and then letting it dry.  I already had some red paint designed for metals. Next, I took a small brush and painted a thin coat of red paint, letting it dry well, then painted another coat. Finally, I topped the brooch with a clear coat to seal the red paint. I'll let you know if I run into any problems with the paint clipping. So far it feels pretty secure. I would say if you have a piece you love, but it showing it's age, this might be something to try.  I like having fun little brooches around that fit with my vintage wardrobe. I may add a little ribbon depending on my outfit.

While on eBay I also bought a couple of bow pins, it's been fun wearing them. Adding these little touches really help to complete the vintage look. What's your favorite vintage accessory?