Monday, May 30, 2011

Filling in the Gaps Project 2

Another gap in missing from my closet. This gap involved a favorite, worn to death skirt that lost it's pair only recently due to a nasty stain. This outfit is my "staying around the house special". It's for those days that I think I'll be staying home, but just in case I need to go out to the store, I'll be presentable. This simple, shirt is made from a shower curtain, yes nothing is safe in my home since I started sewing! I do like the small check mixed with the flower patterned skirt. Last weekend I wore the outfit while camping, it was perfect. I have a lot to show you coming up!

Have a wonderful vintage day!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Blouses/Muslins/thanks

First, I want to say thank you for all your comments on my last post, I was truly blown away with your kindness, thoughts and insight. This message has been close to my heart for a while. I think life is too short to live/hide in someone else clothing.  It's my hope to encourage and help draw out self expression in others and you did that for me, thank you!

Okay, with MMJune coming I needed some quick, easy, comfortable clothing to wear camping. So I made these blouses/muslins.  I am asking two questions, do these blouses work with my current clothing and do they suit my body?  If you would like to help me, I would love your feedback on these four blouses.  I will be paring them up with shorts or a skirt. All the following blouse are made with cheap fabric, one is even from an old sheet. I got the idea from Portia and Casey! Thanks gals!
I noticed my sleeve and facing was pulling out. I have yet to tack them down. The picture below looks more right!

I like this first blouse, the collar is fun. It's pretty comfortable! It was very easy to make.
This shirt is comfortable.
This second shirt is a 50's pattern. It has a little pocket, but the fabric is so thin, it couldn't support the pocket. So I just put it into place for this picture.

This was a sheet.

The third shirt my husband just loves. It has side vents and is not fitted, so you can imagine it's pretty comfortable.

The fourth is a square neck 80's top. I really like it even though it's so plain.

I want to include the patterns I am using so that you can see them too. Anyhow, now that you've seen them, what do you like?  I know they are on the plain side, sometimes I like that when messing around at home, Thanks for your help.

Have a wonderful vintage day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vintage totally inappropriate, really?

This past Saturday was warm, sunny and felt springlike. I wanted to wear something springy. This dress and sweater were thrifted over the winter months. I find thrifting off season to be very beneficial. Our thrift store sorts their dresses and shirts into long sleeves and short sleeves. So in December, I am looking over the short sleeve dresses because for the most part they go undisturbed until the season hits. I found this little gem, at least I think so. I love the colors and the fit of this garment. On Saturday I had to do some shopping and wore this dress. My husband smiled when he saw me in it. I felt happy too. Then I went to a store and you would have thought I was wearing something totally inappropriate. In a sea of blue jean wearers, I stood out like a sore thumb. There were a lot of stares. I just ignored what was going on around me and did my shopping.  Although it got me thinking, why do we look so much alike with our styles and clothing? I don't know about other people, but for too long I have stayed within the confines of what's acceptable in the fashion world, even to the point of making sure the flare of my pant was in keeping with the time. Really, if you think of it, it's silly!  I found myself wondering about the history of garments. Hundreds of years ago, people wore all kinds of styles of clothing that they loved, with no help from a television or magazine. There must have been a great variety of clothing on the earth.  So often I ask myself, do I have to live with the styles of 2011, or can I live life with what I love?  I will say this, that I don't intent on living all the days of my life with the color blue (jeans) on over half my body, although I have a few pairs of jeans, in general, they don't suit me. What I am stumbling to say is; I am not trying to be different, or find my significances in what I wear, rather it's how I feel on the inside that effects what I want to wear. The way I am wired, I fit somewhere else in the garment timeline. You might too.

Something else I ponder often is this thought, do people really love what they wear?  Maybe they feel like me, struggling with the best they can find at a mall, feeling they are at the mercy of the ideas of the fashion gods. You are in luck, if the mall is carrying clothes that fit your body and in styles you love.  So often I have wanted to take a poll of the general population. It would look like this, if you could wear anything from any time period what would you pick?  Somehow, I don't believe people would chose a big sweatshirt that has some logo plastered on it (although, I understand the need for comfort). No, I believe we want more than just being a bulletin board for someone else's ideas. I think you would hear a variety of things.

 Going back to Saturday's outfit, I have to laugh a little about it, because really, I was wearing a dress from the 60's, only out of style by 40 or so years. Hehe. What's that compared to all of time, but a drop in the bucket. So, today I chose not to fear stepping out, even with the stares at my back. In the end, I love variety in others and in myself. I love it when someone wears something off beat and they look great doing it.  I love the old guy who wears his plaid suit grinning at everyone.  I love the old lady who still wears her winter coat from 1962.  It's unexpected, beautiful and just plain fun! I think it would be a fascinating world to see such variety, right now from where I sit I can only see a sea of blue,  maybe it's different in other places. Thanks for letting me get this out, it's just my opinion and my thoughts.  Leave me your thoughts, in a perfect world, if you could break the "fashion code" what could you see yourself wearing, what would you embrace? What is your chosen styles/eras? What REALLY fits with your unique personality and style?

Have a fabulous vintage day!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First closing the gaps project complete!

This skirt has been hanging in my closet for about 5 years without much to match it.  I am so excited because today it has a mate. I am proud to announce the new couple. This was not the original pattern that was earmarked for making a match for this skirt. I changed my mind after sewing up some muslins from varies blouse patterns.  I liked this Chinese style shirt the best for this skirt.  I have really enjoyed this pattern. The pattern calls for a snap closure, but I added vintage buttons instead. Adding buttonholes on stretch fabric was tricky, thanks Casey for suggesting interfacing, it worked.  Anyway one down! We are getting closer to fewer gaps. How is everything going for you today?

Have a wonderful vintage day!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Closing the Gaps" sewing Project


A full closet, but still nothing to wear. Sound familiar?  Since cleaning out my closet, the outfits I have for the summer and me-made-June clothes,  are limited.  I realized I had only done half of the job of cleaning out my closet.  Now it was time to really look through my wardrobe and find the gaps. Gaps are those little annoying reminders that occur when you get dressed. It's when you realize that you don't have a blouse to go with that really great skirt. I knew it was time to get practical about sewing some workable pieces to fill all those nagging gaps! Hence, this project was born. I am calling it "Closing the Gaps". The idea is to become very "intentional" about identify the singles in my closet, then looking for coordinating fabrics, starting with my stash and finally sewing matching tops and bottoms.  The conclusion should be a closet with matching pieces and fewer "gaps" in one's wardrobe. If you want to follow a long or challenge yourself to a better coordinating wardrobe, please join me in this project. Here's a button for the project, grab it, if you like this idea and put it on your blog, then make a link in the comments to any completed projects done for this challenge. To participate, you can choose between two challenges, the first is a short challenge, simply make ONE garment to match anything in your closet that needs a mate, this may be something you have had for years or bought/made last week. If you want to take this challenge to the "second phase",  start by cleaning out your closet. Be prepared to divide, organize, and write down your sewing goals.  The following is what I did to start  the second phase.

1. After cleaning out my closet, I looked through the clothing I had left and found all the "singles". They were pulled out. Remember singles are items that you love, but they don't have a matching top or bottom. 

These three skirts are without tops.

These are thrifted shirts that I need basic skirts for.

2. Then, I compared my "singles" to my stash for any coordinating fabrics. I want to use as much of my stash as possible. Fortunately,  a few of my pieces coordinated with the fabrics in my stash, but if I didn't find a match, I hung these items out of my way into a "go shopping" for fabric pile.

I have to go shopping for these item

3. Next, I focused on the garments that DID match fabrics in my stash.  I then searched for a pattern, notions and checked the yardage for the project.  These items were folded together and put into my "to sew" pile/basket.

Hooray I am using up my stash!!!

This thrifted skirt has been in my closet for years without a good options for a top!
To sew pile!

4. Finally, I focused on the singles (go shopping pile) with no matches from my stash.  I found a pattern for each, gathered them up and took my "go shopping" pile to the fabric store. This is what I put together after my shopping trip.

I got most of what I needed during the shopping trip, I still need some really great red fabric!

5.  Lastly, after seeing an overview of my "gaps", I prioritize! Asking what do I need to sew first?  I wrote it all down on the clipboard and posted it in my sewing room. 

My closet should be "singles" free, hooray no more lonely pieces! The gap is closing up! I hope that you will take either version of the Closing the Gaps Project challenge. This exercise has brought such clarity with the decisions about my wardrobe. If you are not a seamstress you may still find this exercise of value as you look for your pieces at a clothing store.  Good luck!   

Have a wonderful vintage day.  


Saturday, May 7, 2011

70's blouse done!

This blouse was easy construction until the collar.  I kept reading over the directions and after taking it out 4 times, realized I was reading the directions for view 3 not view 4!  Some days I am not very observant.  Remember the purge from my closet I did a couple weeks back?  Well, this blouse is an effort to add some much needed solid colored clothing to my closet. It's a mystery fabric, but it's heavy and feels good on.

Have a wonderful vintage day!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Me-Made June '11


'I, Gina , sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June '11. I endeavour to wear one garment I've made each day for the duration of June 2011'

Well, I did it now!  What did I get myself into?  I will be wearing mostly dresses for the month of June, because that's about all I sew right now.  Shorts, some skirts and a few blouses might be nice. Honestly, I took this challenge, because my wardrobe is lacking and this will force me to take a closer look.  Just a couple of weeks ago, as you know, I cleaned out my closet, which by the way I am so glad I did. I do not miss all those unloved, unworn garments, they were just in my way. Then yesterday, I spent the day with a  friend who helps women build their wardrobes.  She is a consultant, author and speaker on beauty. We talked about what is needed in a wardrobe, she even gave me a color wheel!  She was very helpful with  identifying gaps in my closet.  Now today, Zoe's me-made June popped up on my blog reader.  I had to sign on the dotted line. Boy, do I feel focused after all this.  I have never been this intentional with my wardrobe! Anyway, my goal is to sew in the month of May the following:

1.  A few solid colored skirts! Red, brown, and black.
2.  a black dress to wear to a funeral. One of my family members is very ill and I may need to be prepared for this soon.
3. Some knit shirts to go with the skirts would be nice. 
4. Some pants for camping!
Can I make 3 skirts, one dress, 3 shirts and a pair of pants in May? I don't know that's a lot!  But, it's either that or I will have not much to wear!

What about you, are you up for the challenge?

Have a beautiful vintage day!