Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Blouses/Muslins/thanks

First, I want to say thank you for all your comments on my last post, I was truly blown away with your kindness, thoughts and insight. This message has been close to my heart for a while. I think life is too short to live/hide in someone else clothing.  It's my hope to encourage and help draw out self expression in others and you did that for me, thank you!

Okay, with MMJune coming I needed some quick, easy, comfortable clothing to wear camping. So I made these blouses/muslins.  I am asking two questions, do these blouses work with my current clothing and do they suit my body?  If you would like to help me, I would love your feedback on these four blouses.  I will be paring them up with shorts or a skirt. All the following blouse are made with cheap fabric, one is even from an old sheet. I got the idea from Portia and Casey! Thanks gals!
I noticed my sleeve and facing was pulling out. I have yet to tack them down. The picture below looks more right!

I like this first blouse, the collar is fun. It's pretty comfortable! It was very easy to make.
This shirt is comfortable.
This second shirt is a 50's pattern. It has a little pocket, but the fabric is so thin, it couldn't support the pocket. So I just put it into place for this picture.

This was a sheet.

The third shirt my husband just loves. It has side vents and is not fitted, so you can imagine it's pretty comfortable.

The fourth is a square neck 80's top. I really like it even though it's so plain.

I want to include the patterns I am using so that you can see them too. Anyhow, now that you've seen them, what do you like?  I know they are on the plain side, sometimes I like that when messing around at home, Thanks for your help.

Have a wonderful vintage day!


  1. Oh I love them all - I agree with your husband, the former sheet looks great, and I think that lemon colour of the last top really looks superb on you. You'll be the most chic camper that ever was!

  2. I especially like the last two!

  3. You've been really busy!

    I think my favorite is your plaid one. It's so cute for camping but also for every day.

    I think the runners up is the yellow top and then the first blue one. I can see jazzing the first blue one up with some simple decorative top stitching in white, on the collar. (And if you had excess time, I could see it with some applique around the bottom neckline).

    Really cute!

  4. what a great work you have done!! I especially prefer the first 2 styles
    you´ve made. Great blog by the way. Regards Linda

  5. I'm in total agreement with zilredoh. I mean, like, total. ;) The collared shirts and the last shirt seem to flatter your shape and look fun and summery. the other two, though cute, really seem to diminish your shoulders.

  6. Let me just say that these are great patterns for you! They all look fabulous on you. The design might be simple, but that allows for some amped up bottoms/skirt patterns to try as well.

  7. I like the last two a lot. The plaid is just darling! It's good to have some hanging around the house clothes. Plus, everybody does yard work, cooking, dusting etc and needs something to do that in!

  8. The one I didn't care for on you is the second one in blue and pink with the kind of boat neckline. This style does not flatter you but all the others do especially the top one with the square neckline and collar, very attractive for your body.
    I wore my pink Chinese top trimmed in black today at an event at the museum and got many comments on how Springy I looked lol..I'm starting to really like that top.

  9. My favorite is the first blue one, beautiful color and very flattering neckline. I'd like one of those ;)

  10. The first one and the plaid one are my favorites :O).. I have been working on a top today too!

  11. I love them all but I particularly like the one made from a sheet the colours are lovely!
    Gina, I have just started my new dressmaking blog after a long break from sewing, I have just posted my first dress on there today, you are welcome to check it out if you wish.

  12. Gina,

    I love your "new sheet," ha! :)

    These blouses look great and truly comfortable. The yellow blouse is my favorite, and I like the "sheet blouse" too. :)

    -L. Rose

  13. There's nothing wrong with some nice comfy tops, but yours all look so stylish too! You've chosen lovely colours and style, my absolute favourite is the very first one!

  14. Oh my word, you have been so productive! I really like the last two. I also think that they would be the most versatile and work with shorts or a skirt.

  15. The style of the Butterick's cute on you, and that blue!

    I don't care for either of the Simplicity tops.

    My fav on you is the McCall's. You look like a brunette Doris Day, ready to be a beautiful camper-ess of the most-ess.

  16. The first blue one really suits you- I liked the collar especially.
    The one with the pocket I didn't like on you as much.
    The sheet one is fantastic- it is my favourite of the bunch.
    And the yellow 80's pattern is cute too.
    Looks like we all think the same LOL

  17. Thanks for the feedback everyone. This was very helpful to me. Sometimes having extra eyes can be very helpful!

  18. I love them; sometimes plain is very pretty. What is the Simplicity pattern number on the pattern that has a .25 sticker and the sheet-shirt pattern? I would like to find some for myself, to add to my huge list of sewing projects. Thanks -- and I agree, the sheet shirt is darling, but I think I especially like the first photo with the large collar and square neckline.

  19. The sheet blouse is my favorite, the plaid is so pretty, and the style looks awesome on you! I also love the neckline on the yellow blouse, I think that one would work wonderfully with something high-waisted and tucked in, although it's really cute like this, too. I'm not too sure about the high necked ones... the slight bagginess combined with the high neckline somehow says boring to me... But I love the color of the first one, and the collar with the square neck is cute!

  20. Thank you everyone, this feedback is great. I will not be making the boat neck again. My husband didn't like that one either. I think after seeing the pictures I love a square neck and am in agreement with you all. living Vintage in the 40's please email me, I am sending you the pattern you like. Click on my profile to email. Thanks gals!!!

  21. Boy, You sure have been busy! They are all cut and basic tops that would compliment a skirt so nicely.I was thinking about you closing the gaps project and I wanted to participate in the Me made June I rad you mention. Do you have more info on that?

  22. Sew Country chick The MMJune is right here! You can read all about it on Zoe's blog. The deal is to wear one home made clothing piece everyday for the month of June!