Sunday, December 18, 2011


Cold weather has hit our area and it was time to dig through the wardrobe. What I found is that I am lacking bottoms that fit well. So, I am determined to make a good fitting pair of pants. I can honestly say that I have never had a pair of pants that I felt fit well and looked good on me. Anyone else have this problem? According to the standard size charts, you know the ones that predict bust, waist and hips measurements. Well, I have never "fit" into one size. I am a pear shape, carrying most of my weight lower on my body. My thigh circumference is much larger than the norm. For once in my life I want a pair of pants that fit nice at the waist ( no gaps please!), but are also loose in the thigh area. I think I am close with these pants. I did adjust the pattern a lot in the rise, inseam and of course the thigh area. The pattern calls for a side lap zipper, and  I added a vintage button. It felt really good to be sewing again. I feel like I am breathing again. Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.

Have a wonderful vintage day!



  1. It is so good to read your words again Gina!

    The pants look great, but only you know if more adjustments are needed.
    Oh, the cold weather has made it here in the North and I am reaching for leg warmers and longer skirts at the moment :-)

    Your smile is beautiful my friend!


  2. Lovely pants! Great fabric color!

    I too just finished a top! My goodness it felt good! I actually had a sewing post lol...

  3. Oh this looks beautiful and I love the top you are wearing with these pants. I think you do a beautiful job in sewing. Love your long hair, lucky you!

  4. pants are so weird - the whole fitting process can be such a bear if your body doesn't exactly work with the pattern (i can tell you right now that mine doesn't :( lots and lots of adjustments!), but once you get that down, they can be sewn together sooo quickly. reverse of what i usually get out of a sewing project ;)

    yours look great! they fit you really well & they look like they are super comfy! yay!

  5. They look good. Your face in the first few photos are not very confident:) Classic!!
    I have been trying to make pants quite unsuccessfully. It is frustrating. I am convinced I may have to try the same pattern in different fabrics, see how they hug my curves.

  6. Im a quiet lurker who likes to sew - and your blog has always kept me i am glad you are back and on the sewing treadle one more time!

    Love the "look" in the first picture - looks like an angelina jolie movie poster tough girl stare...and the pants look great too!

    I have found being petite that I have had to cut my own patterns for my figure using bought patterns as a guideline - just goes with the territory of sewing!

  7. Glad to see you sewing - it can be very cathartic.

    It looks like you got a great fit! Isn't it great to make good progress in fitting pants - now you'll feel much better delving into the next pair. I know I learn a little more each time I make myself a pair (which means I'll probably never think they're perfect!).

  8. Lovely to see you back on the blog Gina. And what beautiful trousers, they look lovely on you!