Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Honey, where are the nail clippers?

Honey, Where are the nail clippers?

 This question has been heard in own home more than I care to admit. Most times they were in the bottom of a drawer, which one, I was not sure. Grandma always said "everything has a place." Well, this project is one of those things after you do it, you wonder why did it take me so long! No more losing your clipper or tweezers! This is what you will need.

-A glue gun and glue! or you may be able to used super glue.
-small magnets, I used circle shaped ones found at Walmart

That's it! I must tell you that I just that I used super glue! I put mine on the back of a wood door and they are sticking really well, no problems!

Okay, decide where you want your clippers and tweezers. If you are choosing behind a door or medicine cabinet, make sure you can close it. Once you have it marked, put your glue on the back of the magnet, making sure you have the attraction side of the magnet facing out. Glue and put into place. Apply some pressure with your hand. Careful not to get glue on your fingers. Allow to dry and pop on your clippers! Hang them sturdy by giving each clipper a couple of magnets! Never lose your clippers again! Try it!


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