Monday, December 6, 2010

Sloper Dress

This project was a bit of drafting and a bit pattern. Years ago, I tried my hand at drafting a sloper pattern for a bodice. After many tries I finally came up with a good fit.  Then, I made a skirt sloper. Well, it's been great having  slopers but I couldn't figure out how to make a sloper pattern for SLEEVES, one that didn't include 4 inches of ease. The ease is what causes so many puckers in sewing. I worked and fiddled around, and knew I needed help, so I got some advice from a girl we all know who sews really WELL and because of the advice, I got pretty close to making a good sleeve sloper. I was in the middle of making this dress and decided to use the sleeve sloper. I am pleased with the outcome, the armholes were already cut but I did adjust the sleeves and got rid of most of the puckers!! No more sleeve nightmares! I feel like the dream of wearing vintage handmade clothing is getting closer into view. If you haven't tried making a sloper, they are a great tool to have around, a little time and in the end a better fit!


  1. This is a really nice dress.

  2. Yes! I made a sloper this year and I LOVE it. It comes in handy when I want to adjust a pattern or draft my own pieces. It's great!

  3. Nice dress , and great smile love your work !