Monday, February 21, 2011

weekend vintage finds

This weekend I spent some time antiquing at the Brass Armadillo Mall. It's a huge place with a lot of great antiques. In general, if I am looking for anything vintage, I can find it there. This shopping trip had some noteworthy finds that I wanted to share with you. Being a handbag nut, I couldn't resist buying this little red purse. It's perfect for the inserts I make for them and it goes great with the red dress I made last week.

I also found this fabric, jacket, buttons, leaves transfer, and shoes all in different booths. Somehow, I can see these pieces going together, but am not sure just yet what to make from them, or if they will work together in the end. Any suggestions you have are welcomed! I was thinking of making a dress out of the fabric with a contrasting color for the bodice or just making a skirt from the fabric. Maybe even a two piece 1940's suit would be in order. Still up for debate on this.
This fabric has little fur like spots.

I love how these colors seem to mix with each other.

 Below are the six patterns I am thinking about for this fabric, the jacket may not work with all of them.
More patterns from my stash! Oh, I wish I had more hours in a day! 

I have feet problems but these vintage shoe feel pretty good I am glad I found them, although they are pretty practical.

This jacket I found yesterday is so pretty on, it's one of those items that you need to have with the right outfit!

 I am loving pink right now, it must be because spring is coming and it's my favorite time of year, plus I have been watching Pretty In Pink this pass week! Anyway, this week I am getting back to my sewing machine and working on the next swing dress and another surprise coming soon.

Have a wonderful vintage Day!



  1. Nice finds!!! The furry fabric you found is fabulous!

  2. Great finds... I especially like the shoes.

    Enjoy your treasures :-)


  3. Pink and brown do go well together. Love the patterns from your stash - the middle one on the first picture has a great bodice. Hopefully you'll make that one up someday :)

  4. Personally, I'd use the chocolate dot fabric to make up the sheath dress on the left in the second picture. That defined waist is adorable and you could put the buttons at the neckline.

    But if you wanted to do the lace dress on the left in the first picture, you could cut and trim up the jacket to make that overlay/peplum depending on how the jacket fits.

    Very cool finds and I love your pattern stash.

  5. Gosh!! What lovely finds, and I really love THAT RED BAG!! It will go perfect with your red dress.

  6. Lovely finds!!! I'm particularly smitten with that red handbag--it's so bright and cheerful; I'm sure it's going to brighten many an outfit! :)

    ♥ Casey

  7. Thanks, I love shopping, hopefully I will be able to make something good. Thanks for your feedback!!

  8. Oh my goodness. What lovely finds. The pink slippers are so sweet. And love, love, love the brown shoes and gorgeous red purse.

    Thank you so much for wishing me congratulations on my pregnancy. I will try to get some baby bump pictures posted in the next week or so.

  9. I'm with Snarktastical on the lace overlay idea IF yoy can bear to take the scissors to your lace find that is! I am also drawn to the first pattern in the last photo. The blue wiggle dress. (McCalls 87??) Would look fabulous in your spotty fabric, maybe with a little bolero in the same fabric or in lace.
    Wait, wouldn't that be too much cuteness in one outfit...nah!

  10. "you" not"yoy", lol!! Sorry!