Thursday, December 16, 2010

The seam ripper dress!

I love this collar. This pattern was too cute for me not to make. I think it's from the early 60's or late 50's ( no date on the pattern). I was thinking of my sister when picking out the fabric for this dress, when she goes shopping she only buys what the mannequin is wearing.  I guess I am following her lead because, I like what the model on the cover is wearing. He he, and I had some black fabric and couldn't resist making the dress look like the pattern cover. All in all,  this dress came out okay. It's my fourth dress, we are learning! I did make a muslin up first. The collar was tricky because it's sewn in a way that you are not  really sure if you are going to get the center facings pulled in enough for the collar to lay flat. It was a walk of faith that it would work. Well, it didn't at first, because I couldn't get it lined up and set in the seam correctly. I had to take it out twice! Also this dress was really hard on my seam ripper! I am calling this dress the seam ripper dress because every seam had to be taken out. It was SLOW going with this one. Also the original skirt had soft pleats and I am trying to lose weight so the pleats and the shape of the skirt was a little much for my curvy hips. So I am going to draft a A line skirt and go with the A shape instead. Which means this skirt has to come off!  In the end, I think I will be happy with it.  I am looking forward to wearing this dress when warmer weather hits. Still deciding on the hemline, been thinking knee length! I will post when I get this done! The side zipper is not even in yet! Right now I need a break from this dress and so does my seam ripper!!! LOL!


  1. you'll get there. Just be patient. It always looks good in the end!

  2. It's looking great so far!
    I am very good friends with my seam ripper. When things go wrong I force myself to rip everything out that needs it, and leave it for a day. The next day everything usually goes together fine, probably because I am in a better mood!

  3. Sherry, Thanks! That is great advice, that may be why other projects of mine have failed, not taking EVERYTHING out that needs it and then trying to get too much done in a day! Good insight, I will try to remember that!