Friday, December 31, 2010

Red New Year's Eve Dress

This dress in a former life was one of a strapless design. Oh, how I remember the potential disaster of my youth in a strapless dress for prom. While dancing with my boyfriend at the time, the dress started falling down. He grabbed the sides and put it back into place. For the rest of the night I barley exhaled for fear of dropping my dress to the floor. LOL Great memories for sure! Well, tonight is New Year's Eve. My family started a tradition of staying in, dancing all night, watching movies while eating really yummy shrimp and stuffed mushrooms. This year I wanted to dress for the occasion.Who says you can't dress up for the people you love? Well, after looking in my closet, I realized I didn't have one formal dress. So, I found this red little number at the thrift and loved the color but it was strapless and too long for me. So, I got out my scissors and chopped off the length to a length I can dance to with my honey and my boys. Then I used that material to make these cap sleeves. Although I didn't use a pattern, it wasn't too hard and now I am not going to worry about the strapless thing! Now let the party Begin!!!


  1. Great transformation! I think the sleeves look awesome and much better than the strapless version!
    Hope you had a great party!

  2. Thanks, I wasn't sure I would sew it right but it worked and the dress was so fun to wear at home. My hubby and kids got a kick from dancing around with me dressed up! Good times for sure!

  3. This came out beautifully! I love the design of the sleeves - they look like they belong on the dress ; )