Monday, December 20, 2010

Taking a break! Gearing up for next year!

Sometimes I need to take a break from sewing! You got to know when to back away from the machine! Do you ever feel that way? One night I got the giggles after sewing a dress. I knew I either needed to cry or laugh, I chose to laugh, put my hair in pigtails and have a dance party right in my sewing room. Here are a couple of pictures of me goofing around, letting off stream. As a new sewer, I would like to say that it's not fun if you are feeling frustrated and uptight! Sometimes a little break is what's good for the heart! I also want to say I will see you after Christmas, so have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New.  Join me next year as I have many projects in the works, including a sew along with Casey, 1940's and 50's dresses and maybe some new purse inserts to keep me organized in the new year. I found this little bright green vintage purse that I'll be making a insert for. I also couldn't resist showing you this Christmas tree pin I made at a homeschool party for my kids, it looks a bit off in this picture but hangs nice on clothing.

In this new year  I hope to bring you the ups and downs of sewing from a semi-beginner's viewpoint. Also, I'll be posting about some interesting vintage finds along the way. Until then, thanks so much for reading this blog , please feel free to leave a comment, drop a line, or offer some advice with sewing!

From my house to yours,

Happy Holidays!



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