Thursday, January 6, 2011

Complete a project please!

I keep hearing a pesky little voice inside my head saying "finish your undone sewing projects". Really, it's just that nagging feeling that spring will come and all my dresses will be in my sewing room with one little thing not done to them and there they will stay unworn! This one needs a blind hem put in, that one needs the sleeves adjusted, and the one forgotten  in the corner shelf still needs the skirt attached with the ribbon I neglected to buy! Well, I must obey and finish them soon or there will never be any peace! Really, the problem is I  get excited about a future project while working on another one. Especially if the current project is going well and then I hit a major wall that requires too much brain watts, it's then that I will start a new project and leave the other one for later, much later. Well, with the new year, I am cleaning up my act and finishing what I started! Now maybe I'll get some sleep! No more nagging  LOL. Although I do admit I like having a couple of projects going at a time , just need to make sure to finish them.  So for the last couple of days I have worked on both these two dresses and now they are going into my closet it wear! Hooray! Here are the finished dresses,  the pictures were taken by my 9 year old, that says it all. He has trouble holding the camera still bless his sweet little heart.

This fabric is what I call "learning to sew fabric", therefore it's cheap!

I made the hem shorter and got rid of the pleats in the waist front.

I won't be wearing my hair like this, when wearing this dress.

This two piece feels great on, it's cotton but since losing weight it's a bit big.


  1. They are both adorable dresses, and they look great with red shoes!

  2. Thanks Sherry, I appreciate your feedback. You are so kind to cheer a beginner on. You do such beautiful work, and so diligent with your sewing.

  3. The dresses are just lovely!

    I especially like the polka dots one :)


  4. Thanks Maria! I love polka dots too!

  5. Hi! I've just found your blog and had fun reading through your posts. I had to comment on this one though because I know EXACTLY how you feel...I am sooo bad at finishing my projects and I have a long list of to-be-completed things piling up. And like you it's because I just get so excited and carried away with planning a new project!! I think I should make it my goal to finish projects too!!

  6. Oh, meant to say that I love your finished dresses! The white collar of this first one is brilliant!

  7. Hi Suzie! Oh if you can find a way to get your projects done, it feels so good. I guess I move to the next project because I am looking for the one dress that is perfect! That causes me not to appreciate what I am sewing right now. So I have decided there is no "perfect dress" and I am going to be happy with what I am making right now. This thought alone is helping me finish a project. I still like what I am sewing better than what I can buy. Good Luck to you!!!!!! and Thanks for your sweet comments.