Friday, January 21, 2011

The Square neckline dress

 I won this lovely pattern from ebay last week and was anxious to get my hands moving on this one. I like the idea of having an everyday dress, one that I can wear in the summertime around my back yard or about the town. This dress is one of those things that just fits and feels good on. I made it loose but still nipped it in at the waist for a bit of shape. This is just a sloper dress, for me that means that it's my sloppy copy, made from dollar fabric but as my son said "Mama, you can wear this one in public." LOL.  Even though it was not my intent to wear my sloppy copy, I think I will wear it in public, at least in the back yard to feed the chickens or fish in the pond. My plan is to tweak this one and make the final dress in linen. I am thinking of maybe a red or blue color. Any color suggestions? I would like a tieback for the dress too.  When I got this pattern, there were some details that I did not expect, mostly inside pleats on the front and back bodice, I would have liked darts better than the pleats at the waistline. I don't know if it going to be hard to change them to darts but I am going to try. You may not be able to tell but this dress has a 6 gored skirt that is screaming for a little top-stitching detail. Maybe I'll go all out with the next one and include the embroidery around the neckline. Other details about this dress that I like are the butterfly sleeves. I am glad to take a break from set in sleeves, as I find them challenging. These butterfly sleeves are easy to move in. I also shortened the hem and brought in up to the knee, it's a better look for a gal with my chunky legs. In the end, I am hoping the linen gives me a little more drape than the light, stiff cotton I used for this dress.  I am dreaming of warm weather, it's snowy right now, but at my house we are sewing summer dresses and somehow that makes it feel a bit warmer.

Have a happy vintage day!

The shoes are the same color as the dress, had them for years.

What is it with me and pink!  

I used seam binding on the neck facing, trying to make it pretty on the inside.


  1. This dress is so sweet! I really wish I could make my own clothes but I have no idea how to use a sewing machine and wouldn't even know where to start! Good job! Maybe a pale mint green colour would be pretty for Spring if you're going to make another one of these dresses? (I'm so into mint green right now!) Would really love if you could check out my blog!
    Porcelain Princess
    Thanks! xxxx

  2. Hi Chloe, I saw you like the 80's it was a good decade for sure. I like the glitter too, Thanks for your comment, I have been trying to sew dresses for summer. you could sew too, it's fun, a few lessons help. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi, sorry I've only just seen this comment so that's why I didn't reply sooner! Yes I definitely want to take a sewing course, your blog is really useful in seeing how this sort of stuff is done, I really like it! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I'm following you now :-) x