Monday, January 3, 2011

Pinky Dress

I feel like a farm girl from the 40's, where's my apron?
The pink purse is vintage and a favorite of mine.

I love our chickens, couldn't resist taking a picture with them.
It's a bit windy today!

Oh, I am so glad to get this dress finished, it was fun to make but the anticipation of seeing it done was overcoming me! I worked on it for about 2 weeks. It seems that I do better work if I don't try to sew it all up in one sitting. He he! The pink fabric is a light weight cotton. The construction of this dress was somewhat difficult with the collar but after working with it a bit, it went into place. I did make some pattern changes. All the changes were made on a copy pattern that was made from the original. With the copy I made adjustments to the bodice by adding a inch to the length and I also found I needed to lower the armholes! More changes to the bodice included putting in some much needed darts to take out the fullness in the waistline. I generally like a smoother waistline. It draws the eye away from the hips! For the skirt, I was thinking about  a 50's rockabilly type of look with the pink polka-dot fabric but, as I was finishing the dress up, it looked a bit too much for me. So in the end, I cut the A line down and made the skirt a bit straighter.  All in all I am glad to have another dress under my belt!

Things I would do different.

1.  Use a heavier fabric for this style of dress, I like the cotton but maybe a medium grade would have been better.
2. The handmade belt could have used some buckram in it to stiffen it up. The dress can easily be worn without the belt.

Things I am glad I did.

1. I felt more patience with the process of this dress, so I am glad I went slow with it.
2. I am also glad I made a copy of the pattern, that way I didn't concern myself with cutting /taping it up. I highly suggest doing this.

Overall, I love how this dress came out. I have only sewn a handful of dresses so it's encouraging me to be hopeful that I will  learn to sew better but for now it's my favorite sewing project. I think I am going to sew another dress in this style. Maybe use a fabric with some stretch in it and cut the waist down a bit more. Since losing some pounds it's a bit loose, hooray!

Thank so much for stopping by and visiting my little, happy, humble blog!

Have a fantastic vintage day!



  1. Gina,

    Your dress is beautiful...I also feel that I am on a gentle rebellion myself. I don't like jeans and truly, I don't wear them. I like to look like a lady :)

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your lovely dress.


  2. Hooray Maria! I am sure everyone around you is thankful for your gentle rebellion against jeans too, there is something very pretty about a lady in a dress.

  3. This is such a gorgeous dress - and great choice of colour!

    Wearing trousers makes me look short and stumpy so I am a dress girl through and through.

    Looking forward to reading more posts.


  4. Thanks Donna, I understand the short and stumpy thing, deal with that myself. I am making another dress from this pattern, be posting it in a little while. Have a wonderful day!

  5. I just found you through blog hopping and love this dress! It's so flattering on you and I love the collar on it. The white belt and buttons add a nice accent : )

  6. I love this pretty..and looks so pretty on you..

  7. You pull together the most lovely sewing projects! I adore this. What pattern did you use?